Transform Your Home with These Easy DIY Jobs

As our homes are a reflection of our lifestyle and personality, it is only natural that we want them to look their best at all times. We all know how our dream home would look like, but most of the time transforming those dreams into reality works out to be very expensive.

However, there are several ways of transforming the appearance of your home within a budget and regardless of whether you are a seasoned DIY expert or a beginner.

First impressions count

Take a minute to stand outside your front door and think about what the first impression you get from looking at it is. Dingy and neglected front doors are not only aesthetically unappealing but can also pose security problems and attract burglars. You can make your front door stand out from others in the same street by painting it in a different colour or using a different finish (either glossy or matte). Consider adding lights, flowers or replacing the letter box or the house number too (acrylic numbers are inexpensive and look smart).

Fresh paint

Are there any rooms in your home that look tired and in need of new life? Giving a fresh coat of paint to the walls is one of the easiest ways of transforming the appearance of a room. In addition to choosing the right colour, you should make sure you pick the right type of paint. Remember that there are speciality paints for kitchens, bathrooms and any other rooms where humidity is high. Make sure that the walls are clean and dust-free before starting, and don’t be afraid of going for a second coat.

Replace small fittings

Little details count towards the overall look of a home. If the small fittings in your house are rusty or damaged, your home will look dull and lifeless. Replacing the sink in kitchen is easier than it seems and it can make a huge difference. Likewise, changing the bathroom taps, fitting new lamps, or getting a new towel rail can go a long way.

Clean up and De-clutter

Transforming your home into a bright and airy space can be as easy as cleaning up grout build-up and getting rid of finding clever storage solutions for items that you haven’t used for a while. This shouldn’t take more than half a day and the results will be impressive.

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