Top DIY tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen DIY projects can be fun as no special skill is required and you can transform the whole kitchen even if you’re a beginner! However, a kitchen DIY project can be a big challenge that can take up all your time and potentially drain your bank account. But with these easy DIY tips you can do a kitchen makeover in a short amount of time on a budget…

1. Use Vinyl On The Workshops

A great way to refresh your worktops is by applying Vinyl on top of the old worktops. Vinyl is versatile as it is available in all types of patterns and can give the effect of marble, wood and more! Vinyl is also easy to apply but we’ve listed a few tips to make it even easier:

  • Make sure to wipe the surface to get rid of crumbs or dust.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut vinyl, especially around the corners and tricky areas. 
  • Use a hair dryer to smooth the vinyl over corners. 

2. Change The Cabinets Handles

Cabinets are a huge part of any kitchen makeover but handles can be overlooked. However, changing cabinet handles can be the most effective and easy way to instantly refresh your kitchen. If you have a tight budget you can simply repaint the handles a different colour which will bring new life to your kitchen cabinets. 

Bonus tip: You can also change the look, colour, and feel of the light switches and plug sockets while changing the cabinet handle. It’s minor details like this that give the whole project a polished look.

3. Invest In a New Sink And Tap

A new sink and tap can refresh the kitchen as it’s such an important feature. If you do buy a new sink and tap, we would advise matching this to your kitchen and opting for something other than stainless steel. Or you can DIY and paint the tap or sink, this will refresh the sink without breaking the bank! Consider matching appliances to the colour of your sink for a cohesive look. 

4. Transform Existing Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to do more than just change handles, you can experiment with changing out cabinet doors. Changing wooden cabinet doors is as easy as painting them a different colour or changing the cabinet doors. Our advice is to go with a neutral tone when it comes to painting cabinets.  Glass doors are another way to switch up your cabinets as they are trendy and help you showcase your kitchenware. 


We hope these tips and ideas inspire you to start your kitchen redecoration! If you need any advice or supplies you can contact our team at Leominster Building supplies based in Leominster on 01568 613137