Which Fencing Is Best For My Garden?

The ideal fence for your garden truly depends on what you want to achieve. Is it affordability, durability, little upkeep, or privacy? When deciding on the finest sort of fence for your garden, there are several things to take into account. From maximising your outdoor area to picking a look you love.

In this article, we discuss the many types of fence and which one is ideal for your garden.


Featherboard Fencing

Featherboards (or closeboards) are made of vertical, overlapped feather-edged timber boards and are sturdy and reliable. This kind of fence is frequently used in rear gardens since it’s a clean, beautiful, medium-budget alternative that offers decent seclusion and some protection from wind and frost to sensitive vegetation.


  • Most commonly used for front and back gardens.
  • Strong and enduring.
  • Ideal height for both security and privacy.

However, when compared to other forms of fence, it might be more costly. The price will vary depending on whether you choose additional choices like gravel boards and have a professional build your fence. Traditional closeboard fences also need care since they are composed of wood.


Larch-Lap Panel Fencing

A typical kind of low-cost fence composed of horizontal slats is larch-lap panel fencing. Similar to a closeboard fence, it can be constructed with gravel boards, concrete or timber posts, with the aforementioned benefits and drawbacks of each.


  • Made for the majority of gardens
  • Affordable compared to close-board fence
  • Prevents intrusion
  • Ideal for pet-friendly houses


Picket Fencing

Picket fences are often seen in front gardens, where they give a house a classic appearance. However, if you’re a sociable person who enjoys chatting with neighbours over the fence, a picket fence in the backyard would also look great.


  • Excellent choice for front gardens
  • Transmits light and doesn’t obstruct your vision
  • Prone to wind damage less

Although they can allow weeds to grow through and don’t provide total seclusion on a border.


Hit & Miss Fencing

Fencing in the hit and miss fashion is distinctive and appealing. It is made by attaching horizontal boards to the panel’s front and rear. The fence’s durability and toughness are additionally guaranteed by the vertically overlapping boards. Because of how the panels are made, your fence will last longer. 


  • Comes in a wide range of heights so is ideal for security and privacy
  • A reasonable choice for house owners.
  • Tough and resilient


It’s a great choice but more work is required to paint the difficult-to-reach boards on the interior of the panel.

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