Essential Advice For Creating A Perfect Modern Bathroom

If your bathroom is in need of some TLC and a new lease of life, then it can be difficult to know where to start. Bathroom renovations are hardly something that’s done year on year, so knowing exactly what styles are available can be somewhat overwhelming.

Contemporary bathroom designs are incredibly popular at the moment, with their minimalistic design and stylish finish – this makes the style a fantastic choice, as the minimalistic style makes them really easy for even novice DIYers to design but while still achieving an effective and professional finish. These top tips, as well as our expert advice available in store and our great range of bathroom suites and DIY tools, will help you to create a fantastic looking bathroom with ease and for a great price.

1. Go For Simple But Effective Colour Schemes

Simple muted colours, like creams, whites and greys, work really well in modern bathrooms – there’s no need for bright colours or intricate patterns for tiling or painting, simplicity is key. You can easily liven things up a bit by punctuating these softer colours will basic block colours (like dark blues), and separate the two with a simple border. The simplicity works really well, and helps to create a clean and minimalistic feel that you’re trying to achieve.

2. Stylish & Minimalistic Design Is Essential

Just like the colours, clean and simple design is key when it comes to choosing furnishings and laying out your bathroom. Clutter is absolutely not allowed in contemporary style, so make use of cabinets and storage spaces to make everything look as minimalistic as possible.

3. Use Stand Out Bathroom Fittings

With the rest of your bathroom’s design rather simple and straightforward, you can allow your bath or shower fittings to really be the centrepiece of the room and stand out. Freestanding baths with smooth, round edges (whether it’s a ‘retro look’ bath or something a bit more modern) can work really well, make your bathroom shine.

Wall-mounted shower heads or even wet room installations can help to create a great stand-out look that complements the minimalism of your contemporary bathroom. Whatever style of fixtures and fittings you’re looking for to go with your new bathroom, you can find a great selection in our showroom.

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to create a stylish, modern look then we’ve got everything you need here at Leominster Building Supplies. From bathroom fixtures and fittings right down to the tools and materials you’ll need to get the job done, our extensive selection at our large warehouse is the perfect place to get the job started. Whether you want more information on our ranges or just some professional advice, call us today on 01568 613167.